Born: Unknown 
Titles: Warrior of the Bright Eye

Zenathaar was a Naga scout who earned the favor of the Bright Eye, becoming the Warrior of the Bright Eye. She led her race to exterminate all those who had joined the madness of the Dark Naga. [1]

Awakened Edit

The Dark Naga is Driven Out Edit

In 1199 the Imperial Legions drove out of Rokugan the Dark Naga, who bore the soul of the Shahismael. The Akasha was freed from terrible influence of the mad Naga, and in response, one thousand of the Naga awakened from their Great Sleep. The Zenathaar was one of the awakened Naga, and she was joined by Siminoth, a Naga male, who was called the witness because he had remembered and witnessed all events of importance since the Naga entered in the Great Sleep. [2]

Renewed Treaty with the Empire Edit

A Naga delegation led by the Zenathaar moved to Toshi Ranbo, the Imperial City. They were met in the Imperial Palace by the Imperial Advisor Yasuki Makoto, the Voice of the Empress Hida Kozan, and the Imperial Chancellor Toku Hikaru. The Zenathaar renewed the bonds of aid and cooperation between the Empire and the Naga race. The Siminoth was appointed as the Naga liaison to the Empire. [2] In 1200, after the Empress Iweko I appeared from her seclusion, Zenathaar was again summoned to the Imperial Palace, this time in private. Kozan told that Iweko Seiken, the Empress' elder son, would be crowned. To re-establish regular communication with the Naga race Iweko I would provide the Naga with the resources necessary to re-build the Naga Embassy embassy here in the capital, where she would likely stay as a liaison to the Empire. [3]

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