Twilight Mountains

Twilight Mountains

The Twilight Mountains were smaller than Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi and covered the southwestern half of Crab lands. The mountain range was tough and rocky, littered with Crab defenses. There were many passes through the mountains, but most were garrisoned or booby-trapped, [1] [2] [3] [4] as well as being commonly patrolled by Hiruma Scouts [5] and Toritaka Phantom Hunters. [6]

Travel Edit

Twilight Mountains 2

Twilight Mountains

The main pass through the mountains, Kaiu Roka, was one of the few ways travellers could arrive in Crab lands unmolested. That was if they had announced their presence to the Crab first. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Settlements Edit

The Twilight Mountains were known for two things: iron and jade. [7] Settlements were sparse due to rumors that the mountains were haunted, but the wealth of iron continued to draw some people. The morose and evil feeling that residents sometimes felt was similar to the Shadowlands, but the mountains were not tainted. [citation needed]

The northern-most areas of the range supported a large number of tea plantations, and the bulk of the Empire's tea supply came from the Crab lands. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Crab Clan Edit

The Kaiu controlled the area surrounding the great wall and most of the Twilight Mountains in the bargain. This spectacular mountain range dominated the Hida provinces' northewestern border. Though the mountains fell closer to the Kaiu and Toritaka provinces, they were technically the Hida family's domain. [8]

The Yugure Mountains ran from the Kaiu provinces of Hokufuu and Yoake in the north, through the Hida provinces of Ishigaki and Ishibei and the whole of the Hiruma provinces. [9]

Boar Clan Edit

The northern parts of the Twilight Mountains were once the home of the Boar Clan, but since their disappearance they had been under the control of the Crab [10] by Imperial edict. [11]

Mujina Edit

There was a cave which connected to Sakkaku, the Realm of Mischief, and Mujina used the portal to plague the Crab lands. [12]

Known Mountains Edit

The following were some of the named mountains in the mountain range;

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