Prosperous Plains City

Prosperous Plains City

The Prosperous Plains City (CN5) was a trading center laid along the principle road that connected Kosaten Shiro to Shiro Daidoji and Kyuden Doji. [1]

History Edit

Wise Woman Yasuki Edit

The city sat in the Hayaku province, [2] where the fishing village of the wise woman Yasuki once was. A shrine stood in the place of Yasuki's hut, but when the Yasuki family left for the Crab Clan the Crane Clan Champion ordered it to be torn down. [3]

Clan War Edit

In winter 1127 the Battle at Prosperous Plains City was fought, and Lion forces led by Matsu Gohei with support of the nezumi Broken Shinbone Tribe defeated a Shadowlands army. [4] [5]

Notable Locations Edit

Trading Center Edit

Prosperous Plains City had one of the greatest marketplaces in Rokugan, the Market of Kami-no-Kaze, [1] teeming with merchants from all clans, even those out of favour with the Crane. It was definitely the largest open air market in Rokugan, and was guarded by Daidoji to the west and Doji to the south. [6] [7]

Tsangusuri Academy Edit

The Tsangusuri Academy, an Asahina Shugenja dojo, was located there, holding the Shower of Beauty Festival near the end of the school's academic year. [8]

Temple to Koshin Edit

The greatest temple devoted to Koshin, the Fortune of Roads, was located there. [9] In the 4th century a minor branch of the Daidoji family predominantly made up of merchants and traders, came to prominence within the clan following the Emperor's construction of a new series of roads and highways. They fully committed every resource at their disposal in developing merchant caravans, a concept that was not popular at that time. The plan was a great success, and the family patriarch established a monastery to Koshin in the trade city of Heigen Toshi. [10]

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