Yoritomo Elite Guard

Yoritomo Elite Guard

The Yoritomo Elite Guard were formed by Yoritomo shortly after their ascendance to Great Clan status. Like all the other Great Clans, the Elite Guard was comprised of the finest bushi the Mantis had to offer. Even so, they did not have the same prestige as the Storm Legion. Due to their lower status, they were generally assigned to mercenary work. [1] Their ability with shipboard archery was equalled by their swift and deadly force with the katana. [2] Their barracks were homed at Kyuden Gotei, arranged for swift deployment. [3]

Charter Edit

The charter was made by Yoritomo himself. Its mission was protect the territory of the Mantis Clan. A new leader could only be named upon proof of the death or dishonor of their predecessor. His mon was a dual Kama. [4]

The essence of war is violence. Moderation in battle is cowardice.
-Mantis House Guard motto [5]

Yoritomo Kitao Edit

During the reign of Yoritomo Kitao as Mantis Clan Champion, the Elite Guard was frequently used as mercenaries. There were rumors that Kitao (previously a Storm Legionnaire herself) did not trust the guard, but feared to disband them because of their connection to Yoritomo. [1]

Dismishing Elite Leader Edit

Mantis House Guard

A Mantis Elite Guard

The leader of the Yoritomo Elite Guard, Yoritomo Kamoto, had been missing several months and in 1159 Kitao appointed a new leader, Yoritomo Ikemoto, but the officers refused to acknowledge her command, being imprisoned. [4]

Kumiko's Coup at Kyuden Gotei Edit

The same year Yoritomo Kumiko, Yoritomo Komori and Kamoto along with the Yoritomo Elite Guard made a successful coup in Kyuden Gotei against Kitao's supporters, the Storm Legion, as part of the open Mantis Civil War. Ikemoto fled. [4]

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Yoritomo House Guard

A Yoritomo Elite Guard

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