Yoritomo Bushi

Yoritomo Bushi

Mantis Bushi prided themselves as swords for hire. They would work for the Emerald Champion or complete an assassination for the Scorpion Clan. They did have a code of honor, meaning if a job was started it would be completed. [1] After the rise of Yoritomo they were known as Yoritomo Bushi, [2] with their primary dojo at Kyuden Gotei. [3]

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With a fighting style originally designed for fighting on the decks of their moving ships, the Yoritomo Bushi did not favor armor of any kind, due to it being a hindrance on the high seas. The Yoritomo Bushi School focuses on fighting with Peasant Weapons (most commonly kama, but also tonfa and nunchaku) [4] due to the fact that weapons are easily lost overboard at sea, and Peasant Weapons were far more easily replaced than a Bushi's katana (which was usually secured firmly to their back while aboard a ship). It was said that when a Yoritomo Bushi took the time to remove and ready his katana, his opponent had garnered his full attention – and his full wrath. [citation needed]

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The Mantis taught students the art of finding an opening in an enemy's defense and exploiting it for every advantage possible. Yoritomo bushi almost never stopped moving in a fight, constantly darting towards, away from, and around an opponent in an effort to find some small weakness and turn it into a larger one. [2]

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Mantis Bushi

Mantis Bushi

During the Second Day of Thunder and the War of Spirits, the bushi of the Mantis Clan began wearing bright green armor and mempo designed to look like their clan's insectoid namesake. They were trained to work as a single unit, in theory as unstoppable as a swarm of insects in the mind of their enemy. [citation needed]

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