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Yorei was the Rokugani term for ghost, the soul of a dead human which had not ended his time in the realms. [1]


Ghosts were most commonly were guardian Spirits linked to sacred buildings like tombs or shrines. They were mostly harmless, protecting their homes from intruders, trying to drive away the unwelcome. They would usually remain invisible, but could appear in forms of hovering human figures with bland expressions, formal clothing, and no legs. [2] They could not be touched if it did not wish to be. They could pass through solid objects, fly or sink into the earth. They could also interact with the living world while remaining insubstantial. [3]


There were many different kinds of ghosts in Rokugan:

  • Gaki - Hungry ghosts [3] [4]
  • Goryo - Vengeful ghosts, [3] [4] souls of those murdered, kept in the mortal realm by their

anger and need for vengeance [1]

  • Shiryo - Ancestor ghosts [3]
  • Ubume - Restless ghosts, [3] ghosts of women who died in pregnancy or childbirth [1]

Falcon Clan[]

Some members of the Falcon Clan had the ability to feel Yorei ghosts stalking their lands. [5]


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