Yojireru no Oni 
Yojireru no Oni 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Yojireru no Oni, the Soul Drinker, was an oni, one of the Shokansuru's Brood. [1]

Creation Edit

Yojireru no Oni was forged from the power of Jigoku using the soul of Shokansuru's once time friend and fellow magistrate Kitsu Yojireru. After Iuchiban captured the City of the Lost Shokansuru fled out into the Shadowlands where he found the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng. There he could tap into the power of Jigoku directly, and began creating oni using the souls of his former allies. [2] [3]

Shape Edit

Yojireju no Oni was a hideous mockery of a samurai, roughly the same shape as the average Rokugani, but it was taller and thinner. [4] The oni's head was removed and replaced with four tentacles. The abdomen was changed to its mouth, and eyes were placed upon the palms of its hands. Yojireru no Oni absorbed the souls of other creatures to grow stronger. [3]

Abilities Edit

The oni retained the intelligence of the man it once was, but all of its emotions and beliefs were gone. It was a methodical killer who wanted nothing but to feast upon its enemies. It could devour the flesh of its victims to absorb their soul, or might merely use a powerful attack to bind the soul of the opponent to it until the oni was destroyed. [3]

Time of Demons Edit

Its master and creator Shokansuru had sacrificed himself to allow The Maw to walk over Rokugan again, starting a new era, the Time of Demons, when the humans no longer commanded the beasts of Jigoku. [5] In 1168 Yojireru joined a impressive army of demons that marched toward the Tomb of the Seven Thunders, where the Emperor Toturi III had entered alone. A rescue party of the Clans was already there, and a third party, the Lost joined the Rokugani against the oni. [6]

Death Edit

Yojireru sensed how his spirit was been trashed. A Nezumi Shaman, Chitik, was trying to steal its name with the Name Magic. The oni endured, it had an incredibly strong Name, and many other smaller Names besides, those of who had been devoured. While nezumi and oni spirits were linked, a Lost, Chuda Isoruko, struck the nezumi down, and doing it destroyed the connected soul of Yojireru. [6]

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