Yogo family


Clan: Scorpion Clan 
Founded: 36 
Daimyo: Yogo Amika

The Yogo family was founded by the shugenja Yogo - the husband of Asako - who had been cursed during the War Against Fu Leng. Cursed to betray those he loved, Yogo joined the Scorpion Clan after Bayushi convinced him that he did not love Bayushi or the Scorpion, and therefore could not betray them. [1]

Within the Family Edit

Duty Edit

For a thousand years, from 42 and the Day of Thunder, until 1128 and the Second Day of Thunder, the family's duty was to guard the Twelve Black Scrolls. [2]

Curse Edit

Because of the Yogo Curse, the Yogo family had been forbidden to marry within the Scorpion Clan. [3] The curse still manifested itself in descendants of Yogo, and even the occasional member of the Asako family fell foul of this curse.[citation needed]

Yogo Mon Edit

The mon of the Yogo family was a mask made of flaming feathers, representing their lost heritage to the Phoenix Clan. [4]

School Edit

The Yogo family maintained only one school :

Alliances Edit

In 750, with the creation of the Kuni Witch Hunters and the Kuroiban, the Yogo family and the Kuni family started a long relationship, sharing knowledge about Maho tsukai. [5]

Politics Edit

Yogo Daimyo Edit

Yogo 36 - ?
Yogo's Eldest Daughter  ? - ?
Yogo Hiriko  ? - ?
Yogo Tomohiko  ? - ?
Yogo Ichinore (c. 445)
Yogo Itoju's eldest brother (c. 510)
Unnamed at Yogo Rebellion  ? - 1074
Yogo Junzo's father  ? - ?
Yogo Junzo  ? - 1123
Yogo Masuhiro 1128 - ?
Masuhiro's Eldest Son  ? - ?
Yogo Koji  ? - ?
Yogo Amika  ? - Present

Vassal families Edit

The following were known vassal families of the Yogo family:

Lands Edit

The smallest family in the Scorpion Clan, the Yogo controlled little land. Despite their relatively meager resources, they seemed uninterested in expanding their borders. [6]

Provinces Edit

Yogo provinces

Yogo provinces

Major Yogo Holdings Edit

Minor Yogo Holdings Edit

Extraterritorial Holdings Edit

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