Yobanjin Mura

Yobanjin Mura (P1)

The Barbarian Village (P1) in the Yosomono province [1] was a small, unobtrusive village that laid near the northern border of the Isawa lands, at the foothills of the Great Wall of the North. [2]

Circumventing the Imperial Law Edit

Imperial Law restricted "trade" with gaijin, and further that Imperial law defined trade as "the fair exchange of goods and services." The Isawa gave the Yobanjin less than they thought was fair on every exchange, so it was not illegal. [3]

Yobanjin Trade Edit

The village could not be reached without taking a random path along a number of small, poorly maintained roads. It was nearly impossible to find even if one was looking for it. [2] There trade was conducted with the Yobanjin tribes from the north. The material gathered from the barbarians was very often primitive, but very useful for spell research. The Phoenix rarely mentioned this village as it's existance was technically a breech of Imperial Law, trading with gaijin. The Yobanjin tribes however did look Rokugani and spoke a primitive dialect. They acted very much like the Unicorn and the Phoenix used this as an excuse to continue trade. [4] The Mirumoto also traded with this village through the hidden Path of Secrets, that connected Yobanjin Mura to Shiro Mirumoto. [5]

Mixed Culture Edit

There were villagers who shared at least partial ancestry with the yobanjin, so many peasants had a very exotic look about them. [2] Most of the inhabitants were bilingual, and consider themselves neither Rokugani nor Yobanjin. [6]

Destruction Edit

Yobanjin Mura was destroyed in 1170 by the Army of Fire during the War of Dark Fire. [7]

Known Hetman Edit


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