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A Yasuki Taskmaster

The Yasuki Taskmasters were a bushi school of the Yasuki family, their caravan guards. [1] The dojo of the Taskmasters was located in Sunda Mizu Mura. [2]

Duty Edit

The Taskmasters were the sub-officers and commanders of the rank and file troops. They kept the heimin in line, and were also used to control the mujina that labored in the Crab Clan's Iron Mines. [3] Their main job had always been to browbeat cargo bearers and beasts of burden. [4]

Cruels Edit

Fear was a Taskmaster's greatest tool, and all Taskmasters were masters of intimidation. Keeping in line with their use of fear, the Taskmasters specialized in using whips as their primary weapon. [3]

Yasuki Taskmasters Techniques Edit

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