Yasuki Merchant

Yasuki Merchant

The Yasuki Merchant school of the Yasuki family was their primary focus, as they revered and valued the merchant class. To them, trade was the lifeblood of Rokugan, and as a result their traders were among the best in the Empire. The Yasuki loved the art of the deal, and delighted in providing products their customers both want and need. [1] Their roots were among humble fishermen and traders. [2]

Training Edit

The Yasuki Merchant School did not teach techniques, but as the merchant grew in insight he showed a greater ability to acquire more valuable objects and reduced the time needed to get it. [3]

The Crane and the Yasuki Edit

The Yasuki's method were called "dirty" or "dishonorable" by other clans, and they even were called by the Emperor's brother, Otomo Totogasi, "the shame of the Crane". The illicit dabblings of the Yasuki grew and were more prominents. The Yasuki Merchants showed no intention to restraining their profitably markets as Geisha houses, gambling, or drug sales. In 387 the Emperor made an Imperial Edict against the Yasuki activities and the Crane banned the Yasuki when they refused to withdraw from these operations. The Crab took the Yasuki under his banner. [4]

The Yasuki and the Crane Edit

Merchant's Wagon

A Merchant's Wagon

There was a marked difference between the Yasuki merchants and their Crane counterparts. While both were cunning, the Yasuki had a reputation for the same rough honesty found in most Crab. They haggled over the prices of their products as all merchants did, but had no illusions about why they did it. The Yasuki Daimyo Yasuki Taka used to say; "Necessity dictates that I sell a product for all it is worth, and I cannot know its worth until I know how much a customer is willing to pay for it." This forthrightness was appreciated most among the heimin, and although their prices might be high, the Yasuki would never sell anything of shoddy or inferior quality. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

These were the known techniques of the school: [5]

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Yasuki Trader

Yasuki Trader


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