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A Yari was a spear between six and eight feet long [1] that could be used on foot or on horseback. Because it was easy to use and relatively cheap to make, it was the primary weapon of ashigaru. It did see alot of use among samurai as well. [2]

Favored Weapon Edit

The yari was the favored weapon of Bishamon, Fortune of Strength. [3] The infantry of the Daidoji family were well known for their use of the yari. [4]

Use Edit

When used as a mounted weapon, the arm was drawn up to be perpendicular with the shoulder and the weapon was gripped as tightly as possible, for better grip and a more accurate placement. In use against a mounted opponent, the weapon was braced against the ground and set to receive a charge. [5]

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A Simple Yari

A simple Yari


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