Tamori Yamabushi

Tamori Yamabushi

Yamabushi, “mountain men”, were monks who lived in monestaries in the Great Wall of the North and Spine of the World Mountains, or in other mountains or wild areas throughout Rokugan. It one of the six largest sects of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [1]

Tradition Edit

These monks focused on a relationship with the natural world, as only through experiencing the interplay of the elements in their most primal state could the soul be set free. [2] Most yamabushi sects organized themselves into bands of five, with one monk in each band embodying one of the Five Rings. [3]

Temple Edit

The most prominent yamabushi temple was the Shrine of the Seven Thunders, located in the Spine of the World Mountains. The focus on the standard yamabushi practiced of meditation, contemplation, and quiet study, although they also had embraced marital training, remembering the example of the Seven Thunders. [4]

Dragon Clan Edit

The Yamabushi were in close contact with the Dragon Clan, the most monk militant of the Great Clans. They sometimes used Yamabushi in combat. Their powers would redirect the arrows fired by the enemy, denying the archery advantage. [5] The Tamori family trained units of Yamabushi. [6]

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