Please note: This article is about the Rokugani word for mountains. For other uses of the term, please see Yama (disambiguation).

Yama is the Rokugani word for Mountains.

Rokugani Mountains Edit

Amaterasu's Furnace
Badger's Scowl
Beiden Mountains
Fire Tooth Mountain
Gamanzure no Oka "Hills of Patience Gap"
Haiyama "Ashen Mountain"
Kabe ue no ho ni sa Umi "Wall Above the Ocean"
Kaikon "Hope"
Kitai "Regret"
Kyodai and Kabe sano Kita "Great Wall of the North", "Northern Wall Mountains", "Dragon Mountains"
Kyodai na Taiyo "The Great Fall"
Lookout Mountain
Mount Sengen
Mount Taeruko
Mount Toma
Mountain of Fire
Mountain of Shadows
Mountains of Exile
Mountains of the Phoenix
Nemui Kaminari Yama "Sleeping Thunder Mountain"
Nemuiyama "Sleeping Mountain"
Orochi's Spine
Pillar of the Sky
Sabishii Crags
Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi "Spine of the World Mountains"
Shakahnan Mountain
Tamori Tunnels
Taru Mountains
Teinken Mountain
Tenkenniyoru Yama
Tetsu Kama "Iron Mountain"
Togashi Mountain
Wrath of the Kami "Kami's Wrath"
Yama sano Amaterasu "Mountain of Lady Sun", "Mountain of the Sun Goddess"
Yama no Kuyami "Mountains of Regret"
Yama sano Kaminari "Mountains of the Seven Thunders"
Yugure Yama "Twilight Mountains"

Mountains in the Colonies Edit

Ivory Mountains "Vindhyas", the "Edge", the "Boundary"

Gaijin Mountains Edit

Hidden Mountain

Mountains in other Spirit Realms Edit

Path to Heaven

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