Yajinden's Journals was the personal journal of the bloodspeaker smither Yajinden. In it he recorded his views about him, Iuchiban, and other tainted individuals. [1]

Himself Edit

"I do not consider myself a conqueror, as he (Iuchiuban) does. I consider myself an artist." [1]

Iuchiban Edit

"He was a man of great power and influence, with the means to make my visions realities. Together, we created spells and artifacts of power unrivaled in history. Together, we conquered death itself." [1]

Lost Edit

"The Lost are slaves to corruption, mere pawns of the power of Fu Leng. Powerful Bloodspeakers such as Iuchiban and myself have learned to use outside magic to control the Taint. We are the true masters of darkness". [2]


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