Wolves, or Okami, were commonly found in the forested hills and lonely mountain ranges of Rokugan. They roamed in packs of one to ten, with usually about one young cub for every adult. Their diet consisted of deer, hares and other game. In the coldest months they sustained themselves on mice and small rodents. Wolves were territorial, but shied away from humans and were afraid of fire. However, when enraged and desperate, wolves were known to had attacked humans. The most common tactic used by wolves when faced with a larger prey was harrying. The pack would surround and chase their prey, nipping at its heels until it succumbed from fatigue. [1] [2]

Ebonites Edit

The Ebonites were impressed by the wolves, and they trained them as pets. They appointed one of his Templars as Master of the Wolves, an important post within the Order of the Ebon Hand. [3]

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