Whispered Secrets (RPG)

Whispered Secrets

Whispered Secrets was a RPG sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition released at Gencon 2012.

Whispered Secrets (Page 1) Edit

  • A Note About Presentation
  • Adventure Overview

Part 1: Welcome to the Second City (Page 3) Edit

Part 2: The Investigation (Page 10) Edit

Part 3: The Truth Uncovered (Page 14) Edit

Part 4: Winds of Crystal (Page 16) Edit

  • The Power of Crystal
  • Stacking the Odds
  • The Crystal Outcropping
  • Outcomes

Pre-Generated Characters (Page 20) Edit

Credits (Page 24) Edit

  • Written by: Shawn Carman
  • Artists: Steve Argyle, Alayna Lemmer, Imaginary Friend Studios, Llyn Hunter, Adam Schumpert, Jason Juta, Professor Herbert, Diego Gisbert LLorens, Stu Barnes, Jorge Matar, Richard Garcia, Brandon Leach, Randy Liu
  • Cover Artist: Patrick McEvoy
  • Layout: Robert Denton
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