Wedding at Kyotei Castle

Wedding at Kyotei Castle

Wedding at Kyotei Castle was an RPG adventure first played at GenCon Indy 2018. It was played again at Grand Kotei PAX Unplugged 2018.

Synopsis Edit

You have been honored with an invitation to a wedding uniting 2 prominent families of different Great Clans. However, not all of the wedding guests have arrived to congratulate the honored couple. [1]

Table of Contents Edit

Adventure Background (page 3) Edit

Dramatis Personae (page 4) Edit

Starting the Scenario: The Adventure Begins (page 14) Edit

Scene 1: The Price of War (page 15) Edit

Scene 2: Ill Omens (page 18) Edit

  • Kyotei Shrine
  • Before the Feast

Scene 3: Feast and Famine (page 20) Edit

  • Past Lifes
  • As the Night Wears On...
  • The End of the Evening

Scene 4a: The Wedding (page 25) Edit

  • Showdown at the Shrine
  • The Battle Breaks Out
  • Fight for Honor!
  • Fight for Vengeance!
  • Party Confliot Option
  • The Fate of the Valley (Shrine)

Scene 4b: The Siege (page 27) Edit

  • Defend the Castle
  • Attack the Castle
  • The Fate of the Valley (Castle)

Credits (page 30) Edit

  • Expansion Design and Development: Katrina Ostrander with Alexis Dykema
  • Editing: Christine Crabb
  • Proofreading: Janie Franz and David Johnson
  • Managing RPG Producer: Sam Gregor-Stewart
  • Legend of the Five Ring Story Review: Max Brooke and Tyler Parrott
  • Expansion Graphic Design: Joseph D. Olson
  • Graphic Design Manager: Cristopher Hosch
  • Front Cover Art: Noah Bradley
  • Interior Art: Francesca Baerald and YuDong Shen
  • Art Direction: Andrew Christensen
  • Visual Creative Director: Brian Schomburg
  • Senior Project Manager: John Franz-Wichlacz
  • Senior Manager of Project Development: Chris Gerber
  • Executive Game Designer: Corey Konieczka
  • Head of Studio: Andrew Navaro
  • Playtesters: Tim Cox, Tim Huckelbery, Casey Kipping, and Ryan Lee

Known Participant Characters Edit


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