Way of the Ratling

Way of the Ratling Cover

The Way of the Ratling is the thirteenth book in the Way of the Clans series in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. Way of the Ratling is intended to bring more depth to the misunderstood Ratlings.


  • Layout by Steve Hough
  • Layout Design by Steve Hough
  • Edited by D.J. Trindle
  • Cover Artwork by Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork by Cris Dornaus, Carl Frank, Edward James Krings, Dan Moenster, Paul H. Way
  • Art Directions by jim pinto

Table of ContentsEdit

Introduction (page 6)Edit

Chapter One: The Wily Nezumi (page 9)Edit

Ratling Scavenger

A Scavenger

Chapter Two: The History of the Nezumi (page 15)Edit


A Warren


A Ferret

Chapter Three: Character (page 51)Edit

Nezumi Warrior

Nezumi Warrior

Chapter Four: Who's Who (page 94)Edit



Chapter Five: Sample Characters (page 109)Edit

Ch'tppu'kich 2


  • Savage Warrior
  • Wandering Shaman
  • Seeker of Yesterday
  • Reckless Scavenger
  • Nameless Hunter
  • A'op'chtch

Appendix (page 121)Edit

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