War Dog Masters were Unicorn samurai who felt a strong kinship with the Ki-rin war-dogs. They were trained in the War Dog Master Dojo, in the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains. Many of the buildings were simple open kennels for the resident war dogs. They learned all sorts of tricks to control their Ki-Rin war dogs, but the most important thing was to become part of the pack, establishing a bond with them in such a way that these beasts recognized them as their own. [1]

Origins Edit

During their travels through the Burning Sands they found men whose specialty was to train aggressive dogs to fight alongside their masters in battle. The Unicorn learned their techniques and brought them when they returned to Rokugan. [2]

Additional Training Edit

War Dog Masters were also warriors, and most of them had some training from another bushi school. [3] Dog Masters and their packs served in the Khol, in the reserve squadrons of the Khan's Army. [4]

Known Techniques Edit


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