Volturnum was the capital city of the Troll culture before it was destroyed by Osano-Wo and later fell to the taint. [1] It was deep in the Shadowlands, but its exact location was constantly shifting. [2]

Lay-Out[edit | edit source]

Volturnum was built in two rings. The first was the outer city, between the outer walls and the inner city wall. The second was the inner city, where the magic portal Oblivion's Gate layed inside a great coliseum. [3]

Lying Darkness[edit | edit source]

Volturnum became the headquarters for Goju Adorai, and it was called the City of Shadows. The armies of the Empire sought the city's location to slaughter Goju and his minions before they could control the passage to Jigoku. [4]

Cleansed[edit | edit source]

After the final batlle in the War Against Shadow the city was declared sacred by Lady Moon and Lord Sun. Let it never more be seen in darkness, nor by day neither by night. [3] The ruler of Volturnum was Doji Kuwanan, who supposed to live immortal within the walls of the city. [5]

Buildings[edit | edit source]


Tonbo Toryu[edit | edit source]

The Dark Oracle of Void, formerly the Oracle of Thunder, resided in the city. [2]

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