Voices of Jade and Obsidian

Maru and Omen

The Voice of the Jade Sun was the identity gained by the avatar of the Jade Dragon in Ningen-do, [1] after its ascension as the Jade Sun. [2]

Abilities Edit

The Voice claimed he could be in two places at the same time. [3]

Omen Edit

In 1170 the first Voice was Omen, formerly Oracle of Jade. [4] He, alongside with the Voice of the Obsidian Dragon, Shosuro Maru, announced to the Imperial Court the new Emperor would be decided through the Celestial Tournament. [5] Maru and Omen presided over this tournament and judged its competitors. [6] Omen bestowed the blessings of the Jade Sun upon the winner, Kitsuki Iweko, who became the Empress Iweko I. [7]

Known Voice of the Jade Sun Edit

Omen 1170 - Present


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