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Bayushi Yojiro

Bayushi Yojiro

The Voice of the Emperor, although confused with the traditional role of the Imperial Miya family as the voice of the Emperor, was a position created by the Emperor to counsel him and act as peacemaker. The title and his necessity for the Empire was explained by Ide Tadaji in his journal The Makings of an Empire. [1]

Duty Edit

Isawa Sezaru

Isawa Sezaru

The purpose of the Voice was the peacemakers of the Empire, those who maintained a friendly relationship between the Emperor and the common people and insured that the Great Clans did not fall into civil war. While the Left Hand of the Emperor created legislation that prevented war, and the Right Hand of the Emperor could issue troops to restore peace, it was the Voice's duty to bring a peaceable solution, rapidly and efficiently, when laws or force of arms failed. The Miya family had fulfilled such a role for centuries. [1]

Following the return of Iuchiban, this position was expanded to allow the Voice free reign in hunting down Bloodspeakers. [2]

Controversies Edit

The expansion of the Voice's duties to include hunting Bloodspeakers stepped on the toes of the Jade Magistrates. In addition to this, the fanaticism some of the Hunters brought to their position led to to the death of Agasha Daimyo Agasha Hamanari. [2]

Iweko Dynasty Edit

After the ascension of Iweko I as Empress, the Voice delivered direct and personal messages for the Emperor, accompanying him everywhere he went and often spoke for him in court when he did not wish to directly participate in the day's activities. [3] He was given a personal stable with the finest horses, all descended from Utaku stock. [4]

Voices of the Emperor Edit

The Voice of the Emperor resided and worked in the Imperial Palace. [5]

Bayushi Yojiro Edit

In 1132 Bayushi Yojiro was named Voice of the Emperor by Toturi I. [6]

Sezaru Edit

In 1160 Isawa Sezaru was named by Toturi III as the Voice. [7] Following his brother's death in 1168, Sezaru grew increasingly unstable mentally. This was brought to the fore in 1169 during the Khan Moto Chagatai's assault upon the Imperial City. Sezaru appeared above the city, destroying vast amounts of it and killing several people before he was killed by his wife Isawa Angai. [8]

Satsu Edit

Togashi Satsu 3

Satsu, Voice of the Empress

Following the coronation of the new Empress in 1170 Togashi Satsu, the grandson of the Kami Togashi, was made the new Voice of the Emperor. [9]

Bayushi Yojiro 1132 - ?
Isawa Sezaru 1160 - 1169
Togashi Satsu 1170 - 1199
Hida Kozan 1199 - Present

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