The Voice of the Elemental Masters was the representative in the Imperial Court of the Council of Five, [1] who ruled the Phoenix Clan. His duty was also to maintain communication between the Phoenix Clan Champion and the Elemental Council. [2] He was usually the wearer of the Isawa's Helm since it was gifted by Asahina himself to the Council. [3]

Protecting the Masters Edit

As a representative of the Masters and a potential protector of their persons, the Voice was crafted a suit of armor specifically for this position. The Armor of the Five was crafted by the finest smith available at the time, who worked in conjuction with the students of the Elemental Masters. [4]

Voices Edit

Following is a list of known Voices throughtout the history of the position;

Shiba Tsukune (c. 1126)
Shiba Yoma (c. 1158) - ?
Asako Chukage (c. 1199) - Present


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