Vishnu the Preserver was a god deity of the Ivory Kingdoms Pantheon who gave his blessing upon the tripartite form of Provider, Preserver, and Pervader. [1]

Usher Edit

Vishnu was the Deity of Creation and ushered the mankind into the next cycle of the Wheel of Rebirth, [2] The Shesha, a massive entity, floated through the Heavens bearing on its back the sleeping form of Vishnu. Where they traveled all of creation sang the glory of Vishnu. [3]

The Preserver Edit

Vishnu was associated with light, power, and wisdom, the supreme master of past and present. He guarded the world against the power of evil entities as asura or rakshasa, and Vishnu was usually allied with Indra, the God of War. [4] Those who respected and followed the social structure would rebirth in a higher level. For this reason he was worshipped by almost all the members of the lower castes of the Ivory Kingdoms. [5] Pahatan was a city dedicated to her, and the Temple of the White Tiger received those who sought to worship her. [6] It was believed that whenever evil prevailed over good in order to win, Vishnu came down to earth in some mortal form to save righteousness. Vishnu was not allowed to interfere in the situations directly. So, he took different avatar and act in manners that would re-establish proper balance between good and evil. [citation needed]

Arun Edit

In ancient times the Rakshasa ruled the Ivory Kingdoms, treating humans as cattle. Vishnu was reincarnated in Arun to end ther reign of terror. As a mortal he gathered an army of mischievous but good-hearted shapeshifting spirits who overthrew the King of the Rakshasa, Revan, from the power. [7] Vishnu the Protector, lord of life, imprisoned most of the rakshasa race, locking them away in a spiritual trap beyond the physical world. [8]

Death Edit

In the late 12th century the Cult of Ruhmal conducted a ritual which allowed the dark and wrathful aspect of Shiva the Preserver to achieve ascendance. Kali-Ma the Destroyer hunted down and slain the other members of the Ivinda religious pantheon. [9]

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