Vata was the horse whose herd all Utaku steeds were descendants from. Only Utaku Battle Maidens were allowed to the powerful steeds. [1]

Enslaved Edit

Vata was the stallion of a herd of mystical horses. They were enslaved to become the cavalry of a brotherhood of sorcerers, the infamous khadi, who lived in the city of Laramun. [2]

Battle Maidens Edit

A group of Rokugani, the Battle Maidens of the Ki-Rin Clan, were preyed by the dark sorcerers, and they also became slaves. Otaku Kunami devised a successful plan which left the city in fires and the khadi in disarray [2] in the year 340. [3] The mystical herd and the Battle Maidens got freedom, and since that day a bargain was struck between them. [2]


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