Utaku family


Clan: Unicorn Clan 
Founded: c. 42 
Daimyo: Utaku Ji-Yun

The Otaku family was founded by Otaku Shiko, daughter of Otaku, [1] a follower of the Kami Shinjo, a skilled warrior, and the Unicorn Thunder on the Day of Thunder. The family were later renamed the Utaku family during Otaku Xieng Chi's reign.

Ki-Rin's Exodus Edit

During the Ki-Rin's Exodus the families of the Ki-Rin Clan were divided into four groups after the War with the Rocs to search for a passage home. The Otaku run afoul of their old enemies from the City of Sorcerers and discovered that they had learned to remove their hearts from their bodies to ensure their immortality as Khadi. [2]

Politics Edit

Utaku Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Utaku family, including those who bore the Otaku name before the change.

Otaku Shiko (c. 42) - 238
Otaku Rumaru (c. 340)
Otaku Fujiko (c. 442)
Otaku Sekigako (c. 790)
Otaku Kuriko (c. 815)
Otaku Kamoko  ? - ?
Otaku Tetsuko  ? - 1122 (Acting Daimyo)
Otaku Kamoko 1122 - c. 1130
Otaku Tetsuko c. 1130 - 1131 (Acting Daimyo)
Otaku Xieng Chi 1131 - 1171
Utaku Yu Pan 1171 - ?
Utaku Ji-Yun 1199 - ?

Vassals of the UtakuEdit

The following are the vassal families of the Utaku:

Within the Family Edit

In everything they did, the Utaku were fast, intense, and convinced. They had a reputations as swift and deadly warriors, which relied in their intense train which few could match. [3]

Mon Edit

The Utaku mon was a plain field of pale purple. It represented the original Otaku's silence, but could also be taken to represent her purity of purpose. [4]

Poetry Edit

The Otaku, known for being people of few words as their founder, wrote some of the most beautiful and highly-regarded poetry of Rokugan. [4]

Otaku code Edit

While Otaku was the family founder, it was Otaku Shiko who actually laid down and codified many of the family's martial traditions that became the Utaku Battle Maiden school. It was Shiko, who had returned through Oblivion's Gate in 1133, who declared that [5] the family would change its name in order to renew their vows to the Kami Shinjo, becoming the Utaku family. [6] The family was strictly matriarchal. No male Utaku had ever been daimyo of the family, and the men were not allowed to ride the Utaku steeds into combat. [7]

Although it was a well known fact that Utaku men might not ride the family's great steeds into battle, many erroneously assumed this means that Utaku men did not ride at all. Utaku (of both sexes) laugh when they heard this. Utaku men were the greatest horse breeders and stable masters in all of Rokugan. Riding was a necessary part of maintaining and training quality steeds. Male Utaku were just not trained in mounted combat, leaving that honor to the women of the family. [8]

Schools & Paths Edit

Lands Edit

The Utaku claimed the endless plains in the northeastern regions of Unicorn lands as their own, which had the fewest natural resources among the clan's lands. They were considered the most civilized of any Unicorn region, only the Utaku had permanently settled the vast majority of their land. [9]

Provinces Edit

Utaku provinces

Utaku provinces

Holdings Edit


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