Battle Maidens

Battle Maidens, the Shiotome, were an elite regiment of the Unicorn cavalry.

Tradition Edit

It was comprised almost only of the Utaku family female samurai, who rode the famed Utaku battle steeds. The Battle maidens shared a special bond with these steeds, drew from the blood of the original Otaku. To increase their family ranks they would retire, marry and have children, but not necessarily in that order. [1]

Training Edit

Their training was more intensive in its teachings in the way of battle, both individually and as a unit. It was a quick and mobile unit which became the shock troops of any Unicorn arm, fighting with ferocity. The shiotome benefitted from the 'esprit de corps' of being the only all-female cavalry unit in the Empire. [2]

Gempukku Edit

The Shiotome performed their tests prior to their gempukku in the sacred Utaku Testing Grounds. Because of its proximity to Dragon Lake, it was said that the Dragon of Water watched over the Battle Maidens. The Dragon would sometimes visit the dreams of Utaku samurai-to-be before their gempukku as they meditated at Otaku Seido, granting them his heavenly blessings. [3]

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Creation Edit

Battle Maidens were considered fearless, and swift. They were famous for charging into the melee without uttering a single word. [citation needed] Otaku, the first Unicorn thunder was considered to be the first ever Battle Maiden. However, it was her daughter, Otaku Shiko who founded the Battle Maiden school. [5]

Heigen no Otaku Edit

In 1132 The Battle Maidens were barely defeated and slaugthered in the Plains of Battle, when the corrupted Lion army were supported by oni. [6]

Name Change Edit

When Lady Shinjo put Otaku Kamoko among the stars as a reward for her action, she commanded the Otaku family to change their name to Utaku so Kamoko would be the last Battle Maiden to bear the Otaku name. [7]


A Shiotome

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