Utagawa's Journal was the personal journal of the ronin Utagawa. In it she recorded her views on other ronin that she encountered during her time with the Legion of Two Thousand.

Notable Entries Edit

Aoyama Edit

Utagawa noted in her journal that she considered the ronin Aoyama to be "much like Tamago, but without emotion of any kind". If Aoyama was the representative of the Fifth Wind, Utagawa thought them distasteful.[1]

Butoken Edit

Utagawa recognized that Butoken played the part of a borish lout, but was actually fiercely intelligent. She still noted it was wise to avoid his vicinity in battle.[2]

Enomoto Edit

Utagawa considered the void shugenja Enomoto a man capable of terrifying power if he were not such a gentle soul. She also contemplated if their cause was enough to warrant militarization of people such as Enomoto.[3]

Hisamatsu Edit

Utagawa noted that the tainted monk Hisamatsu was of value to her, but she did not trust his willingness to embrace his corruption.[4]

Kataoko Edit

Utagawa recognized the need for the talents of people such as Kataoko, a born killer, but she did not consider her a friend.[5]

Kikushima Edit

Utagawa considered Kikushima an oddity, even amongst the ranks of ronin. He sought art, style and form, as pursued battle for the beauty of it.[6]

Kuga Edit

Utagawa thought that the steed Kuga rode upon was clearly Utaku in origin, although it lacked the signs of their breeding and training.[7]

Nakadai Edit

Utagawa noted that the monk Nakadai practiced a style called the Fire of the World's Birth, and that she considered the Togashi family to be neophytes.[8]

Seiko & Yoshe Edit

Utagawa thought that the ronin Seiko and Yoshe were bitter enemies, but whose skills were incomparable.[9] She thought that they could become a tremendous asset if they could turn aside their emnity.[10]

Tamago Edit

Utagawa noted in her journal that her lover was "grateful for what he had, but mourned what he had lost." She also noticed that his "laugh was beautiful, but never reached his soul."[11]

Torakichi Edit

Utagawa admired the skill of Torakichi, noting how he was able to move throught forests like a shadow. She believed his assistance improved the Legion's intelligence gathering tenfold.[12]


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