The Rokugani Ki-Rin Clan founded by the Kami Shinjo became in 442 the Unicorn Clan during the Ki-Rin's Exodus, and Shinjo Yonaru was the first who bore the title of Unicorn Clan Champion. [1]

Since the Return of the Ki-Rin, the Moto Daimyo of the Unicorn Clan also bore the title of Khan [2] until it was again split after Moto Chen's succesion. [3]

Clan Champions Edit

Shinjo (c. 5) - ?
Shinjo Yonaru 442 - ?
Shinjo Sato (c. 592)
Shinjo Nishijin  ? - 820
Shinjo Kochamon 820 - (c. 850)
Shinjo Ritsuga (c. 850) - ?
Shinjo Karuma (c. 9th century)
Shinjo Hiroki (c. 9th century)
Shinjo Yuni  ? - ?
Shinjo Gaemon (c. 1108)
Shinjo Okinuwa (c. 1110)
Shinjo Yokatsu  ? - 1132
Moto Gaheris 1132 - 1159
Moto Chagatai 1159 - 1170
Moto Chen 1170 - (c. 1184)
Moto Naleesh (c. 1184) - Present


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