Underhand of the Emperor

Underhand of the Emperor

The Underhand of the Emperor was the formal title of the Great Clan assigned the official duty of protecting the Empire (and the Emperor) from any and all unseen threats. They served as the Emperor's spies and informants, ever-vigilant for threats that the Emperor could not deal with directly without bringing dishonor upon himself. This role was traditionally filled by the Scorpion Clan, though the Otomo family also filled this purpose in the higher echelons of the Imperial Court. [1]

This title had been held by the Scorpion Clan since it was first granted by the Emperor Toturi I. [citation needed]

The term may also refer to the agent of the Emperor who coordinated the efforts of the clan that was the Underhand of the Emperor against the Imperial Throne's enemies. It was used to refer to Bayushi Sunetra, the Scorpion Clan Champion during the reign of Toturi III. [2]

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