Tsurayuki was an Orochi.

Bargaining with the Mantis Edit

Tsurayuki made contact with two Mantis samurai, Moshi Minami and Tsuruchi Ki, who had passed a portal to Sakkaku by happenstance and became trapped in the Realm of Mischief. Minami made pact with him, in exchange for working to free all remaining orochi from Sakkaku, [1] the rokugani could return to Ningen-do and the Orochi would lend their strength when the Mantis needed it. Minami cast great magic to bind the soul of a human and an orochi to escape back into the mortal realm. When Minami returned, she could no longer talk to the kami. [2]

Mantis Civil War Edit

Tsuruyaki first appeared at Yoritomo Kitao's side in the Mantis Civil War after it was drawn by Yoritomo Toyozo. [3]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

Later it allied with Yoritomo Kaigen during the War of Fire and Thunder. It was Tsurayuki who first allied with the Mantis by helping Moshi Minami and Tsuruchi Ki escape from Sakkaku. In exchange for his help Minami and Ki vowed to work to free all Orochi from the Realm of Trickery. [4]

End of the Orochi Alliance Edit

Several months after the end of the war, it was found that Tsurayuki was almost at the end of its term of servitude. Upon fulfilling its debt, Tsurayuki turned upon the Mantis vessels it had accompanied, destroying six and killing over a hundred men in the process. [5]

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