Tsuno Ravagers

Tsuno Ravagers

The Tsuno Ravagers were the elite troops of the Tsuno. They were not made, but born, and were the natural leaders of Tsuno packs. Each ravager would normally be aided by a Tsuno Soultwister. [1]

Appearance Edit

They were massive horned beasts nearly twice as tall as humans, and notorious for their lightning raids. They stroke without warning and disappeared just as fast. Their ability to organize combined with their savagery and power made them a strong threat to the Empire. [2]

Training Edit

Tsuno Ravagers achieved their positions after dangerous quests across the Shadowlands and through the Spirit Realms. The creatures who survived these trials returned stronger, faster, tougher, more brutal, and more cunning, earning them the leadership of packs or even entire armies. [3] Occasionally a Tsuno chieftain would order an entire pack of Ravagers to train together, creating the elite units such as the one that was responsible for the raid on the Kitsu Tombs. [4]

Code of Honor Edit

The Tsuno Ravagers had a complex code of honor. They valued bravery and loyalty, but they also encouraged ambition and cruelty. They tormented lower-ranking members of the pack, and believed that to accept pain without complaint was a sign of courage. [5]

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