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The Tribe of the Sky was a yobanjin tribe known among the Rokugani by the name given to their most illustrious warriors, the Hawk Riders. [1] They placed great emphasis on personal freedom, and its members come and go as they wished. [2] They were also known as the Sons of Wind. [3]

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The Hawk Riders were a strange people who lived in the mountains East to Medinaat al-Salaam and North to Rokugan. They managed to capture and tame Rocs, and used them as flying mounts. The birds were smaller than the wild rocs which were seen in the Burning Sands. [4] These creatures, called Greater Northern Hawk by the Rokugani, [5] resembled hawks, and the riders were wrongly named as Hawk Riders. [6] They had access to a large supply of great hawk eggs, boasting a dozen or more Hawk Riders at a time. The bond between a hawk and its rider was a personal one, intensely spiritual. [2]

Battle of the Rocs Edit

In 223 the Ki-Rin Clan was attacked by rocs ridden by long-haired, pale-skinned men and women, in the mountains that led to Rokugan. [7] They most probably were the Hawk Raiders. Why these people attacked the foreigners remained unknown.

Riders Edit

This people attacked caravans in the Burning Sands which passed near their lands. Sometime the caravan masters used mujina who distracted and confused the bird riders. [8]

War of Dark Fire Edit

During the War of Dark Fire the tribe served the Dark Oracle of Fire under duress. When Chosai made his home in the yobanjin mountains, the lands of the Tribe of the Sky had been seized by the Dark Oracle's loyal forces, and their children as well as the nests and eggs of the Great Hawks had been seized as hostages. [1] Acting as scouts and aerial attack forces for the Army of Dark Fire, the tribe lose many of its members. [2]

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