The Tribe of Isawa, or the Children of the Earth as they were also known, was the people led by Isawa previous to the fall of the Kami. They lived in the city now known as Gisei Toshi. [1]

Advanced tribe Edit

The tribes that predated the Emerald Empire were primitive familiar groups, but the Tribe of Isawa was the most advanced. They built the first city, Gisei Toshi, had the knowlegde of paper-making, advanced pottery, and metallurgy, being the only people in Rokugan who could forge steel until the Fall of the Kami. [2] Their understanding of the Elements allowed them access to bronze, becoming the most advanced in armor-craft at the time. [3] One of the first tribes to develop a writing system which would eventually become the Empire's kanji. [4] The Tribe of Isawa also brewed a form of rice wine that they used in festivals and religious ceremonies, which would later be called “sake” by the Rokugani. Brewing it was one of the priests' most sacred duties. [5]

The Kami Edit

Isawa did not wish to be ruled by Hantei, but nor did he wish to leave the lands that rightfully belonged to his people. [6] The Tribe worshipped the Seven Fortunes, who existed before the Kami fell over Rokugan, they in return protected the Tribe and kept the maho practice safe. When Shiba saw the Seven were not wicked gods, he begged Hantei to beseech their mother Amaterasu to accept the Seven Fortunes among their pantheon and greet the Isawa as allies. She agreed, but only as long as the Seven Fortunes always watched over the children of Rokugan. In spreading themselves over so wide a populace, the Fortunes could no longer keep the blood magic free of Jigoku's touch as they once did. [7] Since the year 25, Isawa said the tribe was part of the Phoenix Clan. [8]

Fu Leng Edit

Despite the Tribe of Isawa did not follow the Kami, Fu Leng attacked Gisei Toshi and several tribe members died. This event was instrumental in the Tribe to join the Kami, and Isawa to became one of the Seven Thunders. [9]

Joining the Phoenix Edit

Isawa had agreed to be a part of the Phoenix Clan to avoid a confrontation with Hantei and the other Kami, but still had wished to remain independant. Eventually he realized that the Tribe of Isawa would not be safe on it's own and finally joined the Phoenix earnestly. Isawa then joined the Seven Thunders as the Phoenix Thunder, and helped defeat Fu Leng on the Day of Thunder in 42. [6] [10]


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