The Transcendent Brotherhood was a sect of the Togashi monks who saw fire as a means to purify the soul. [1] They believed that pain tempered the body and the mind, making it easier to attain a transcendent state that approached Enlightenment. [2]

History Edit

Founding Edit

In the 8th century a Brotherhood monk named Ohan came to believe all pain must serve some greater purpose assisting a mortal in becoming closer to a state of Enlightenment. He turned to Fire as a source of “pure and undiluted pain,” experiencing the agony of burning without the physical harm using deep meditation and manipulation of internal chi. He had cast out from the Brotherhood as a potentially dangerous eccentric. This little sect ultimately found a home in the Togashi family of the Dragon Clan. [3]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In the 12th century members of the sect wew used in the War of Dark Fire, using his skills to reach the commanders of the Army of Fire and strike them down. [3]

Training Edit

Adepts of this sect could draw upon their chi, hardening their flesh so that for short periods of time they could endure terrific heat and even touch open fire without suffering actual harm. Its practitioners rarely left the sect's small monastery in a remote valley of the Dragon Mountains. [3]

Known Technique Edit


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