Sacred arena

The Sacred Arena of the Tournament

The Tournament of the Kami was the means by which the eight Kami who landed in what would become Rokugan decided who would be their leader and the leader of their new empire. It was a single-elimination martial tournament. Each of the Kami participated, except Togashi. In the end, Hantei was the victor over each of his siblings that he faced. [1]

The Need for a Leader Edit

After the Kami fell to earth, they were exploring to understand this mortal world they had fallen into, to return five years later. [2] They asked what would become of them in the imperfect, barbaric world they faced. Lady Doji answered first, saying, "We must follow the example of our mother and father. As the Sun and Moon gave shape to the formless, so must we create order from chaos. These mortals are not without worth, merely without direction. We must offer them that direction, Hantei. We must lead them." Inspired by her words, the Kami then organized a tournament to see who would lead, [1] after they swore to follow the Promise to the Rokugani humankind. [3]

The Tournament Edit

The first contestants were Hida and Shinjo. Counting on his strength to compensate for his simple tactics, Hida was no match for Shinjo's speed and cleverness. Shinjo then faced Bayushi, but was tricked by his cunning. Bayushi's next opponent was his twin brother Shiba, who was too wise and patient to succumb to his brothers tricks. Shiba was outmaneuvered by Doji, who then faced Akodo. Akodo had studied Doji's techniques well and defeated her. [1]

The Final Fight Edit

Test of the Kami

Hantei defeating Akodo

In the final duel, Akodo faced Hantei, and what followed was the most incredible display of determination, power and swordsmanship the world had ever seen. Akodo, fueled by the battle, lifted his sword and was about to end Hantei's life, but just when Akodo thought the battle won, Hantei angled his blade to shine the light of the sun into his brother's eye. The light flooded Akodo's soul, and he realized what he was about to do. Akodo also recognized that Hantei could have beaten him at any time, but would not shed his brother's blood. In face of such strength, compassion, and honor Akodo fell to his knees before his brother. [1]

The First Emperor Edit

Hantei was crowned Emperor of Rokugan before anyone realized that Togashi had not competed at all, for he had already known what the outcome would be. [1]

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