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Toturi's Army was the band of samurai put together by the then-ronin, Toturi, during the early days of the Clan War. Though the group was composed mostly of ronin, many clan samurai also flocked to the banners of the Black Lion, especially those from the Unicorn and Dragon Clans.

Initial organization Edit

A discussion of Bushido and the role of the samurai between Toku and Toturi the Black, inspired the later to gather followers and confront the bandit lord Yugoro, a ragtag army which would be known as the Toturi's Army, [1] a Ronin Brotherhood [2] which was formally created in 1125, to use them to protect the Empire from bandits and other threats. [3]

In the southern reaches of the Dragon lands a large number of samurai followed Toturi's banner, [4] which was a surprise to Toturi as much as anyone else. At first there were only three followers, Otomo Yayu, Dairya, and Mikio. Hoping to gather samurai to combat the rampant banditry and lawlessness that had grown in the wake of the Scorpion Coup, Toturi sent Yayu to the Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru. Yayu posted the following message:

A Call to Arms
For warriors whose duty it is to preserve the Empire and restrain lawlessness, What purpose do we serve in fostering chaos? Let all men and women who have the honor to call themselves samurai rally behind the Black Lion, in the shadows of the Great Climb. [5]

Dozens of ronin arrived within the first week. Some openly mocked Toturi, but this did not occur in Dairya's presence after the first "incident". Among the first to join Toturi's Army was Ginawa, a former Akodo turned vagabond. By the end of the first week, only 12 stood with Toturi. This was the origin of the Twelve Ronin. [6] They were recognizable by the wolf-shaped mon, trademark of the Toturi's Army. [7]

Growth Edit

After their first victory over Kyomeru of the Mountain Goblin juzimai, Toturi sent Yayu again delivering the "Call to Arms" to cities with large ronin populations. Two months later, he had 100 men, including 10 shugenja. Kamoto, Akiyoshi, Morito Tokei, and Naka Kuro had come to offer their swords and magic to Toturi's cause, and even ashigaru came to join his army. But Toturi didn't want an army, let alone afford one. He expected 40 not 100. But Togashi Yokuni knew the time would come for Toturi to be needed, so he made certain that Toturi didn't run short on supplies or resources. [6] Toturi’s ronin army numbered tens of thousands of soldiers at its peak. [8]

Clan War Edit

First Battle of Beiden Pass Edit

In Autumn of 1126 Toturi held the Beiden Pass against a larger Crab army led by Hida Sukune. Sukune had to retreat to the southern portion of the pass. [9] Toturi sent Mirumoto Daini to the awakening Naga. They agreed to aid Toturi against the Crab Clan and their foul allies. [10]

New Allies Edit

In the last days of 1126 Yokuni conferred command of a large Dragon army to Toturi, which were also bolstered in the first month of 1127 with Shinjo Yasamura's cavalry, and the Eyes of Nanashi. [11]

Battle of Beiden Pass Edit

In Spring of 1127 Toturi's Army, along side allies from the Unicorn and Dragon, fought in the Battle of Beiden Pass against the Crab Clan and their Shadowlands allies, led by Sukune. The Crab were eventually defeated, [12] and Toturi left the Unicorn Clan to guard the Beiden Pass, and led his army north. [13]

Naga Allies Edit

Mirumoto Daini came to the recently awakening Naga, asking them for assistance in defeating the Crab Clan army that was allied with the Shadowlands. [14] The Naga agreed to aid Toturi, if Toturi promised he would not seek to take the Emerald Throne for himself. [10]

Fighting in Crane Lands Edit

After hearing the tale of the False Hoturi from the recently freed Doji Hoturi, the Black ronin led a large portion of his forces into Crane lands to stop them. Yasamura was left in control of the pass, who shortly after got command to block the pass to anyone, including Toturi. [15] The Emperor's wife Bayushi Kachiko had brokered a Lion-Unicorn alliance, in which the Lion would get the Beiden Pass blocked to easy catch Toturi, while the Unicorn would gain territories. [16]

Trapped in Lion Lands Edit

A bigger Lion army led by Matsu Gohei attacked Toturi's forces, who retreated back to the pass. When Yasamura denied free passage, Toturi was forced to enter the Lion territory, where he and his men would be chased for the next months. [15]

Toturi's Chase Ends Edit

During winter of 1127 the Lion forces were ordered to stand down twice by Imperial Edict. The Lion let the Fall of Kyuden Doji to the forces of the False Hoturi and the forces of Hida Kisada to land undisturbed near Otosan Uchi. The Unicorn did not rely in the Lion pact anymore, and in the first month of 1128 Yasamura was ordered to leave the Beiden Pass. Toturi's ronin army was able to move south and escape the Lion's ire. [17] Toturi's lieutenant, Takuan, was in charge of the pass, while the bulk of the army headed toward the Crane lands to stop the False Hoturi. [18]

False Hoturi Destroyed Edit

In the Battle of Bloodied Honor a combined force of Crane, Naga and the Toturi's army fought against an oni and madmen Shadowlands army led by the False Hoturi. Hoturi crushed the false one, removing his head from his body with one single stroke. [19] [18]

Toturi's Army Rallies Edit

In summer of 1128 Toturi left the Crane lands and rallied his army near the Beiden Pass. The majority of the Dragon forces had returned to their homelands at the command of their Champion Togashi Yokuni, who sent them to protect the Brotherhood of Shinsei against the attack of the Yogo Junzo's Army, in seek of the descendant of Shinsei. After a visit from the mysterious Hooded Ronin, Toturi's commands became ever more sharp and sure. At the pass they waited the arrival of a Crab army, this time as an ally. [20]

Ichiro Join Toturi Edit

A group of Badger samurai arrived in the City of the Rich Frog and joined the Toturi's Army. The nigh-defunct Ichiro family felt they would be best suited throwing their lot in with Toturi. [21]

Clans United Against the Hantei Edit

After the failed assault on Otosan Uchi against Hantei XXXIX in the Month of the Hare of 1128, the surviving Crab forces laid a camp near the ruins of Kyuden Doji. In winter this year the possesed Emperor announced the cancellation Winter Court. Hida Tsuru, Kisada's brother, sent invitations to hold a mock Winter Court outside the city, which was soon attended by the leaders of the clans and their military advisors. Now united, the clans began uniting their forces against the Shadowlands. [22]

Hidden Emperor Edit

After Toturi's ascension to Emperor after the Second Day of Thunder, his followers became courtiers, guards and defenders in Otosan Uchi. [23] [24] After Toturi's disappearance two of Toturi's followers, Ginawa and the ninja Matsu Hiroru set out on a quest to find Toturi and return him to the throne. [25]

Oblivion's Gate Edit

After Toturi commited Seppuku to avoid corruption by the Lying Darkness, his General Saigorei led the forces of the empire to Volturnum to battle the minions of the Lying Darkness. [26] With so many members of Toturi's Army now dead Saigorei realized that the time of Toturi's Army was done. What once was Toturi's Army became the Legion of the Wolf, an army of noble ronin who served in the Emperor's name. [27]

Decline Edit

During the War of Spirits many of Toturi's followers left to rejoin their clans, some became magistrates of the Monkey Clan, led by the peasant-born samurai, Toku. Some of those who had become ronin when the Adoko family was banished rejoined the Lion behind their new daimyo, Akodo Ginawa.[citation needed]

Known Technique Edit

Membership Edit

See Members of Toturi's Army for a list of those associated with the group
See Twelve Ronin for a list of the original twelve followers of Toturi
See Monkey Clan for a list of those who became the Monkey

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