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Legion of Toshigoku

Souls of Toshigoku

Toshigoku was the Realm of Slaughter. Souls who died in senseless battle or thinking of revenge were sent here after death. It was a Realm of constant neverending battle, wherein spirits would slay one another only to rise again and repeat the process endlessly. [1] Any non-native creature killed in Toshigoku was automatically lost to Toshigoku's control, known as satsugai. [2]


Toshigoku was a bleak and wasted landscape, desolate and barren. It was filled with naked boulders and drifting sands, barren steppes and cracked, parched earth. The sky was a deep, dull gray, with no sun, no moon, no stars; simple emptiness. [3] The only real features were the mini-kingdoms carved out by beings of exceptional willpower and the domains of the Tsuno, a warped, twisted, and horrifying portion of the realm. [4]

Kharmic Wheel[]

For the spirits of Toshigoku, continuing their path in the Kharmic cycle was not an option, those trapped were doomed for eternity with no hope of reincarnation. The only hope was to somehow escape to another nearby Realm, where it might be possible for them to break the cycle of endless death and regeneration that was Toshigoku. [5]

Connection to other Realms[]

Jigoku and Toshigoku were well removed from one another, so their inhabitants could not be tainted. [6] It was also far from Ningen-do, and Yume-do. Toshigoku bordered on Gaki-do, and was also near Meido. [5]

Passages to Ningen-do[]

After the Fall of the Kami, exiled humans who disliked the rule of the Kami slaughtered the Naga they found in the ruins of Kalpa. The restless spirits of Naga dead haunted the dreams of their killers, and after one season none but the dead remained there. The maddened humans' deaths caused a passage to Toshigoku to open in the city's heart. [7] In 782 the Lying Darkness consumed the soul of Agasha Yuriko, former bride of Morikage Toshi's lord, and a passage to Toshigoku was created. [8] After the Return of the Ki-Rin another passage appeared in the Utaku Steppes, created by the anguish of the Lords of Death when their last worshippers died there. [9] In 1123 [10] during the outbreak of the Clan War, the Legacy of the Forge, a horde of Toshigoku spirits, possessed the armies of both the Lion and Crane near Toshi Ranbo, through a bridge created by an evil Kitsu Sodan Senzo. Another passage was the currently destroyed Oblivion's Gate. [5]


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