Toritaka family


Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 834 
Daimyo: Toritaka Kaiketsu

The Toritaka family were originally the Falcon Clan, but were absorbed into the Crab Clan in the 12th century.

Falcon Lands Edit

The lands of the Toritaka were west of the Shinomen Mori and north of the Twilight Mountains. In these lands rested small farms and a single castle. It sat in Tani Hitokage, the Valley of Spirits, a rich and fertile valley. [1] The Toritaka were reserved and soft-spoken by nature, who set up a training regimen based on techniques in visual perception that they developed over generations of defending themselves from hostile spirit creatures. [2]

History Edit

The Founding of the Falcon Edit

The Falcon Clan was founded in 834 when the Emperor granted the Toritaka province to the son of Hayabusa, who saved the life of an imperial advisor from an assassin. Hayabusa's son, Yotogi, quickly uncovered that the assassin was a peasant maddened by the possession of an evil spirit. The Falcon found their meaning in life, studying the nature of ghosts and other supernatural occurances, which lead to a high demand for their services, especially among the Crab, with whom they quickly became allies. [3]

Family Name Edit

The Falcon had no recognized family name in the Imperial Court. They were unofficially called the Toritaka family (called so from their province's name), but the honors of a family name had never been officially granted to them by a Hantei Emperor. [4]

Naga awakens Edit

In 1122 Naga were seen in the Shinomen Mori by a farmer who lived in the prosperous farmlands the Falcon owned in the border of the forest. An emissary was sent to the Crab requesting aid, but the inexperienced diplomat seemed to imply that these creatures were 'escapees' from the Shadowlands. The Crab conquered the Falcon territory and installed their own peasants. At winter court at Kyuden Seppun the Falcon attempted to make an alliance with the Unicorn, which would go to war in their behalf. [5] The alliance would last until 1124, when it was dissolved. [6]

Hare Enmity Edit

While the Hare and the Falcon had no declared conflict, they were in no way allied. Their rivalry extended over a hundred years of banditry, political ploys, and rumormongering in the Imperial Court. [7]

Absorbed by the Crab Edit

In 1125 an unknown maho ritual opened a rift to the spirit world releasing the Shuten Doji. Many of the Falcon were possessed and even though the ritual was reversed many Falcon and peasants had been killed. With the clan's lands in disarray the Emperor gave the Crab Clan authorization to absorb the minor clan. With the blessing of the Falcon Clan Champion, the Falcon became the Toritaka family of the Crab. [8]

Since their absorption into the Crab the Falcon have gained resources that were unavailable before and greatly improved the techniques of their dojo. They served mostly as eyes for the Crab, searching for threats from other Spirit Realms beyond just Jigoku. [9]

War Against Shadow Edit

In 1133 the former Falcon clan struck the minions of the Lying Darkness. With crystal in their hands, they cleansed the Emperor's lands, driving out the Shadow beneath the light of the Sun. [10] The main Rokugani forces had been assembled and fought in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate at that time.

Details Edit

Mon Edit

The mon depicted a falcon and the clan colors were dark gray and forest green. [11] When they joined the Crab Clan, they brought the symbol with them unchanged, and they usually kept the mon itself in their family’s original colors. [12]

Gempukku Edit

The sensei took a student to keep an account while both walked in the border of the Shinomen. The boy was left alone for three days, chronicling their studies. If he survived the record was kept and his gempukku had been successfully passed. [13]

Provinces Edit

The following were known provinces under the control of the Toritaka family. [3]

Toritaka Holdings Edit

Samurai Edit

See Samurai of the Falcon Clan for a listing of notable historic members of the minor clan, or see Samurai of the Crab Clan for both current and historic members of the Crab Clan family.

Politics Edit

Toritaka Daimyo Edit

The following are the known Champions of the Falcon Clan, prior to the family's joining the Crab in 1125, and the known daimyo of the Toritaka family since:

Yotogi 834 - ?
Toritaka Genzo 1125 - 1133
Toritaka Tatsune 1133 - c.1169
Toritaka Kaiketsu c.1169 - Present

Schools & Paths Edit

Schools Edit

The following were the basic Schools within the Toritaka family:

Paths Edit

There following were the currently Paths within the Toritaka family:

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