Tomb of Iuchiban (RPG)

Tomb of Iuchiban, Box Cover

Tomb of Iuchiban is a boxed campaign set published for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. The "S" series presents Game Masters and players with stories about the Shadowlands, and it's designed to teach about the ancient evil of Iuchiban and his Bloodspeaker cult..

GM's Guide Edit

Tomb of Iuchiban GM's Guide

Tomb of Iuchiban, GM's Guide

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A Black and Beating Heart (page 4) Edit

  • What's Going On
  • Plot Synopsis
  • Starting Things

Chapter One: Friend in Need (page 7) Edit

  • What's Really Going On
  • Kami no Okasan - Mother's Blessing
    • The House
  • Sunda Mizu Mura: Clear Water Village
    • Inside the Gates
    • What's Really Going On
    • The Thief and the Mask

Chapter Two: Troubled Footsteps (page 15) Edit

Tomb of Iuchiban (RPG) 2

The Tomb of Iuchiban (boardgame) cover

Chapter Three: Pursuit (page 24) Edit

  • Encounters on the Road
    • Message from a Merchant
    • She's Baaaack
    • Mayhem in the Mountains
    • The Garrison

Chapter Four: The Tomb (page 31) Edit

Appendix I: The GM's Guide to the Bloodspeakers (page 32) Edit

Kuni Nisei

Meishozo Nisei, Yajinden in disguise

  • Bloodspeakers and Their Beliefs
  • Organization and Rituals
  • Leadership

Appendix II: Prominent NPCs (page 37) Edit

Tomb Guide Edit

Tomb of Iuchiban Tomb Guide

Tomb of Iuchiban, Tomb Guide

The Journal of Kuni Visten Edit

Journal of Kuni Visten

The Journal of Kuni Visten cover

Illustrated Guide Edit

Illustrated Guide to the Tomb of Iuchiban

Illustrated Guide to the Tomb of Iuchiban

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