Vigilant Keep of the Monkey

Vigilant Keep of the Monkey

Toku Torid-e (MC13), also known as the Virtuous Keep, was named after the Monkey Clan Champion Toku who sacrificed himself to stop Bloodspeakers from gaining a Black Scroll. After his death, he was named the Fortune of Virtue by Toturi III. [1] It was also known as the Vigilant Keep of the Monkey. [2]

Ancestral Monkey Home Edit

The Keep, funded by Crane gold, [3] was the home of the Monkey Clan and Toku's children carried on the Monkey traditions in his memory. [1] The modestly sized castle sat near the center of the long Vale of the Monkey that composed the majority of the Monkey lands. [4] It was a small castle but well built and defensible, with extensive supply caches in its basements and escape tunnels. [5] It was home to a modest court, and there was always at least one Scorpion in attendance. [6]

Locations Edit

Toku Torid-e

Toku Torid-e (MC13)

Toku Torid-e was the site of one of only three major Monkey Clan dojo, and the largest dojo the clan maintained, the Vigilant Keep Dojo. The Toku built individual shrines devoted to each Emperor of the short-lived Toturi Dynasty. It was also home to the Empire's largest shrine to Toku, [7] tended by the monks of the Order of Virtue. [8] Other three major shrines were devoted to the three Emperors of the Toturi Dynasty. [5]

History Edit

Lying Darknes Edit

Shortly after it was built, the castle was besieged by the forces of the Lying Darkness, and barely a decade later it was assaulted by the armies of the reborn Hantei XVI in the War of Spirits. Both times Toturi I came to aid the defenders, ordering the castle's reconstruction and funding it with Imperial resources. [4]

Known Captains of the Guard Edit

Toku Butaka 1170 - Present

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