Toku Butaka 
Toku Butaka 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Kolat of the Tiger Sect 
Siblings: Un-named brother 
Titles: Captain of the Guard at Vigilant Keep

Toku Butaka was a bushi of the Monkey Clan and member of the Kolat conspiracy.

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Butaka served as an Emerald Magistrate [1] and in 1170 he was appointed Captain of the Guard at Vigilant Keep. [2]

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Butaka was a smart and capable samurai who had good counsel passed to him by his father and friends. Butaka, his father, and his younger brother were members of the Kolat. Butaka believed the cause of the conspiracy was ultimately just, even if it required significant sacrifice and underhanded tactics. His father was a ronin veteran of the Tiger Sect who joined the Monkey due to his martial prowessand almost encyclopedic knowledge of the laws of the Scorpion lands, a knowledge learned with the aid of Dream Sect magic. Butaka was being groomed for a position with the Lotus or Tiger Sect. [2]

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