Born: Unknown 
Titles: Member of the Seven Sohei

Isawa Tokiko was an Ishiken of the Phoenix Clan. She retired and became the monk Tokiko. She was selected among the Seven Sohei.

Student Edit

Isawa Tokiko

Isawa Tokiko

She was a student of Shiba Ningen, but some considered her less than stable. [1]

Night of the Assassins Edit

She was sent on a mission to the Kyuden Ashinagabachi in 1170, and it was rumored it was to get rid of her from Kyuden Isawa. Whatever the reason, her presence there saved the life of the Tsuruchi Daimyo Tsuruchi Nobumoto during the rash of assassinations that hit the Empire. [1]

Monk Edit

Tokiko retired as a monk named Tokiko, [2] within the Order of Rebirth. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War she and other monks were spirited by the letters of the monk Rokku, formerly a Lion. He wrote that the time for action had come, so he had decided to leave the monastic life and march to the battlefield again. Tokiko, Rokku's cousin Itoku - another retired Lion - and Makito, who said he was seeking penance, came to met Rokku. The group departed to fight the Destroyers, [2] and they were known as the Seven Sohei. [4]

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