Born: Unknown 
Died: 594 
Titles: Fortune of Dung

Daidoji Tojo was a duelist of the Crane Clan. Several years after his death he was elevated as Tojo, the Fortune of Dung, by the reviled Emperor Hantei XVI. [1]

Hantei XVI's Advisor Edit

Tojo, heir to a prominent seat on the Daidoji Trading Council, was a childhood confidant of Hantei XV's heir, Hantei Okucheo. When Okucheo became the Emperor Hantei XVI he called Tojo and five other of his closest childhood friends move to Otosan Uchi. [2]

Emperor's Paranoia Edit

In 593 Tojo's father died in the autumn. Tojo returned to the Crane lands to take up his father's position as daimyo and senior member of the Daidoji Trading Council. In 594 Tojo staged a power-play within Crane lands to attack and discredit a childhood rival within the Trading Council. It derailed plans the Emperor had been orchestrating for years, and betrays the Emperor's trust. [2]

Death Edit

Daidoji Tojo was discovered to be guilty of crimes against the Empire, with evidence supplied by Hantei XVI's trusted advisors Akodo Tsurikan and Shosuro Tsia, and was hanged. His entire family committed seppuku to erase the shame on their name. [3]

Fortune Edit

In 607 the Steel Chrysanthemum named him the Fortune of Dung, [4] as a way to humiliate one of his deceased foes. Despite his origin the Fortune of Dung could not be rescinded nor could he be ignored. [5]

Lost God Edit

The real name of the fortune was lost to the ages. Legends said the Fortune of Dung was in life a fastidious Kakita courtier that attracted the Hantei's ire with an off-color comment. He was one of the Lost Gods when proclaimed the Fortune of Dung after being executed in a unique manner not recorded in the histories. [6]

Worship Edit

The Temple of Lost Gods was built in the first year of the reign of Hantei XVII dedicated to these 'lost' Fortunes but they were otherwise ignored in both the mortal realm and in Tengoku. [5]


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