Time of the Void

Time of the Void Cover

Time of the Void was the first Campaign Settings source book in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, presenting a Current Events timeline, prior to the Second Day of Thunder.

Credits Edit

  • Cover Artwork by Carl Frank, Randy Gallegos, Mike Raabe, and Matt Wilson
  • Interior Artwork by Rob Alexander, Eric Anderson, Tom Baxa, Jason Behnke, Heather Bruton, Kevin Daily, Liz Danforth, Randy Elliott, Steve Firchow, David Fooden, Carl Frank, Randy Gallegos, Hob Hobbs, Quinton Hoover, Heather Hudson, KC Lancaster, April Lee, Nicola Leonard, Anson Maddocks, Craig Maher, Thomas Manning, William O'Connor, Ben Peck, Mark Poole, Rob Prior, Mike Raabe, Doug Shuler, Ron Spencer, Ellym Sirac, Susan VanCamp, Bryan Wackwitz, Dean Vincent White, Matt Wilson, Robin Wood
  • Art Direction by jim pinto

Content Edit

Introduction (Page 4) Edit

Chapter One: Shadowlands (Page 6) Edit

Doom of the Scorpion

Doom of the Scorpion

Alhundro Cornejo

Alhundro Cornejo

Chapter Two: Forbidden Knowledge (Page 29) Edit

Void Dragon 2

Void Dragon

Daigotsu Hoturi

The False Hoturi

Chapter Three: Anvil of Despair (Page 49) Edit

Bayushi Kachiko 4

Togashi Yokuni advising Kachiko

Yakamo no Oni 2

Yakamo no Oni

Chapter Four: Crimson and Jade (Page 71) Edit

Togashi Yokuni 4

Togashi Yokuni

Asahina Tomo 2

Asahina Tomo

Chapter Five: Time of the Void (Page 95) Edit

Yogo Junzo's Battle Standard

Yogo Junzo's Battle Standard

Hooded Ronin

The Hooded Ronin

  • Who's Who
  • Kenshin's Helm, Act Five: The Dark Lord's Vengeance
  • Scene One - Aftermath: Miya Yoto, reinstated Miya Daimyo, informs the samurai of Satoshi's treachery. The deposed daimyo has fled to the City of Remembrance with the Kenshin's Helm.
  • Scene Two - Pawn of Darkness: Death of Satoshi, who has been acting under the will of Fu Leng, through the tainted Helm's influence.

Appendix (Page 119) Edit

Kenshin's Helm

The Kenshin's Helm

  • The Tale of Kenshin's Helm
  • Resolution
  • The Black Scrolls
    • Power of the Black Scrolls
    • Opening a Black Scroll
  • Stepping Away from Cannon
  • Character Summaries
  • Scrolls of the Dead
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