Thunders' Challenge

Clan War: Thunders' Challenge cover

Thunders' Challenge was a sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings which contains four scenarios for Clan War Miniatures Game, two of them are linked, detailing the assault of The False Hoturi upon the Crane.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Ken Carpenter, Mike Earnst, Steve Hough, Patrick Kapera, Bob King, Jim Long, Matthew McGreevey, Tom Phillips, and Ree Soesbee
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: Cris Dornaus, Carl Frank, Scott James, Michael Phillipi
  • Graphic Design: Steve Hough
  • Miniatures Painting: Alexander Bond, Ken Carpenter, Mike Ernst, John Knox, Tyson Koch, Shawn Marcione, Frank Martin, Tom Phillips, Brian Riley
  • Layout: Steve Hough
  • Editing: Steve Long and DJ Trindle
  • Clan War and Clan War Daimyo Edition: Ken Carpenter
  • Clan War Design Team: Mike Ernst, Marcelo Figueroa, Steve Hough, Tom Phillips
  • Playtesters: Jim Callahan, David Abate, Rob Bowes, Nick Cuaresma, CJ Dunnigan, Greg Ortiz, Eric Silveira, Bob King, Sam Kennedy, Don Lynch, Pete Orphanos, Mark Perneta, Boyd KLeen, Tony Rodgers, Robert Morris, Chad Richardson, Mark Rodgers, Nathan Rodgers, Paul Rodgers, Geoffrey Schaller, Joe Keyser, Mark Shurtleff, Tracy Harms and Max Harms

Contents (page 1) Edit

False Hoturi 3

The False Hoturi

“Revelations” (page 2) Edit

Battle for Doji Palace (page 8) Edit

Regions of Rokugan (page 16) Edit

Battle of Takezo Cliffs

Battle of Takezo Cliffs

“The First and Last Line” (page 20) Edit

The False Hoturi (page 26) Edit

The Claws of the Crab (page 29) Edit

  • A brutal Crab army to use in the Clan War Miniatures Game.

The Great Bear (page 32) Edit

Hida Kisada 7

The Great Bear

Conflict at the Asahina Temples (page 33) Edit

  • A Clan War scenario with Doji Kuwanan and his brother the Crane Clan Champion Doji Hoturi preparing themselves before the final fight with the False Hoturi, who fell under the blade of his counterpart.

Thunder's Challenge (page 38) Edit

  • A Clan War Storyline Event which included the Seven Thunders and the Hooded Ronin storming the Imperial Palace to confront Fu Leng, while Seppun Ishikawa his men cut a path nearly all the way through the Shadowlands force.

The Brotherhood of Shinsei (page 41) Edit

  • The followers of Shinsei step forward and commit themselves during the final days of the Clan War.

Crossroads (page 46) Edit

Fear the Common Man (page 54) Edit

Akodo Godaigo 2

Akodo Godaigo

  • A surprising Toturi's Army to use in the Clan War Miniatures Game.

Among the Trees (page 57) Edit

  • A Clan War scenario with Tsukuro being ambushed by a Naga army after they make the mistake of retreating past Naga lands in his return to the Shadowlands after Fu Leng was defeated at Otosan Uchi. Tsukuro's force survived with the aid of Kyoso no Oni only to be annihilated by a trailing Lion army before it entered the Shadowlands.
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