Way of the Phoenix (RPG)

Way of the Phoenix was the first source book for the Phoenix Clan in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game and the seventh in the Way of the Clan series. The supplement supports the first edition roleplaying game.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Patrick Kapera, Ree Soesbee
  • Additional Material by: Jeff Alexander, Ryan Dancery, Marcelo Figeroa, Scott Gaerin, Ross Issacs, Jennifer Mahr, Jim Pinto, D.J. Trindle, Rob Vaux & David Williams
  • Game System by: David Williams and John Wick
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: Cris Dornaus & Ben Peck
  • Maps: Jeff Lahren
  • Artwork Prepress: Brendon Goodyear, Steve Hough
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Rob Vaux, John Wick
  • Interior Layout: Steve Hough

Table of Contents Edit

The Measure of Mortality (page 4)Edit

Fictions about Shiba, The First Oni, Isawa and Shinsei

Chapter 1: The Mystic Phoenix (page 8)Edit

Chapter 2: The Histories of the Phoenix (page 20)Edit

Chapter 3: Character (page 48)Edit

Chapter 4: Who's Who (page 74)Edit

Chapter 5: Character Templates (page 92)Edit

Appendix 1: The Oracles (page 94)Edit

Appendix 2: The Provinces (page 103)Edit

Appendix 3: Spell Research (page 112)Edit

  • School Research Libraries.
    • Actual Rules
    • Rolling Dice
  • Research Example

Appendix 4: The Tao of Shinsei (page 115)Edit

  • The Isawa and the Tao
  • Uikku
  • The Inner Way
    • History
    • Other Teachings
    • The Rise of Monastic Shinseism
    • Newer New Ways
    • Monastic Rules
    • Alternate Teachings
  • Elder of the Temple
  • Ofushikai, The Phoenix Clan Ancestral Sword

Appendix 5: L5R CCG Phoenix Decks (page 121)Edit

  • "Begone, Vermin!"
  • "Darkness Incarnate"

Phoenix Clan Character Sheets (page 125)Edit

Map of Shiro Shiba (page 122) Edit

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