The Traitor was a literary work written by Yogo Anaido about the founder of his family, Yogo.

Excerpts Edit

The Betrayer Edit

In one of the excerpts, Bayushi convinces Yogo, who was about to commit seppuku after being cursed, to join him in order to bring revenge over those who have cursed his line. When Yogo reminded Bayushi of the traitorous nature of his curse, Bayushi countered his argument with a smile and the phrase: "But Yogo, you do not love me." [1]

The Twelve Scrolls Edit

In this excerpt, Bayushi gave Yogo a large box with the twelve Black Scrolls inside it, charging the shugenja with their protection. When asked for his reason, Bayushi told Yogo that he was destined to betray Shiba, whom he loved and served before, but not Bayushi. [2]


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