The Topaz Championship (RPG) cover

The Topaz Championship (Beginner Game Adventure Book)

The Topaz Championship was the adventure included in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game for Fantasy Flight Games.

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Credits (page 2) Edit

Welcome to the Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game! (page 3) Edit

Contents of this Box (page 3) Edit

Legend of the Five Rings (page 5) Edit

Scene 1: The Cart and the Peasant (page 7) Edit

Scene 2: Honored Guests (page 9) Edit

Scene 3: Midnight Tea (page 13) Edit

Scene 4: The Competition (page 15) Edit

Scene 5: High Spirits (page 19) Edit

Interlude: Experience, Techniques, and the Void (page 23) Edit

Scene 6: The Competition, Day Two (page 24) Edit

Scene 7: The Feast (page 26) Edit

Scene 8: One Cut (page 28) Edit

Wrapping Up and Rewards (page 32) Edit

  • Other Encounters in Tsuma
  • GM Tips and Advice
  • Free Downloadable Adventure!
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